Imported Racing Pigeons Package Deal Sale Clear out sale. in Akbar, Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao for sale

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GB14V48409 - Chequered Cock
Part of Clearance Sale
We also have 85 birds that are for clearance sale, for up to 50% discount. You can buy make an offer for 10,20,30, etc... birds at a negotiable price
These are all 2 years old and over ready for breeding. All with good pedigrees. Bred in the U.K.from the best winning pigeons. A good opportunity to make an upgrade to your existing blood lines.
Get in touch and we are ready to negotiate a price deal or swap offers. We can go down to 50% half price. We are selling cheap as we need space for new business.
There were originally 300 when they arrived, now only 85, the previous 215 birds have been sold for 6,500 all the way up to 25,000 per bird